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My post here is to help you with the details of a course that makes you learn hands on. Consider learning Data Science as it helps you to stay relevant as a IT professional. Upgrade yourself by attending this data science course in Hyderabad . It is taught by an expert instructor who is also a real time data scientist.

Anyone can join this training , irrespective of your background. There are multiple institutes which teach just theoretical concepts. But that is not enough to truly master this exciting field.

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enrol for data science course and upgrade skills

How is machine learning related to data science?

In machine learning, an algorithmic model will be built based on the inferences from existing data. This model will be used to predict the outcome when new data is provided. So here you are teaching a machine to take decisions without explicitly programming. On the other hand, in Data Science we use techniques from mathematics, statistics, and computer science to derive insights from existing data.

Why-to-learn Data Science-with Machine Learning
become a data scientist who knows machine learning

Many courses in Hyderabad do not teach you the actual scenarios needed to work in either of these fields. They cover the basics and leave it to the student to work on the projects themselves.

The problem with that approach is that you will learn the concepts theoretically and not with case studies. The actual challenge will be when you are asked to work on real time data. You will neither be able to clean it nor visualize it. Attending such courses will not be useful to you. You will be lagging behind your competitors , as they will have the advantage of getting practical exposure.

Hyderabad: The unofficial IT training hub of India

Students from across India come to Hyderabad to learn the latest software technologies. The reason is that the fees is very less here, compared to other Indian cities. To cater to the demand, a number of institutes have started in Ameerpet, and are now spreading across different areas like Madhapur, KPHB, etc.

Before enrolling in any data science training, think whether you are really passionate and can dedicate time to understand it. Unlike other fields of computer science, it requires a lot of consistent practice to understand the nuances of different concepts in this industry.

Programming languages taught in these classes on data science

1.Easiest to learn general purpose programming language.1.Open source language for statistical computing1.Non-procedural language used for querying data stored in RDBMS.
2.Maintained by the Python Software Foundation2.Maintained by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing2.Maintained by the American National Standards Institute(ANSI)
3.Used in web development and scientific computing3.Used in statistical model development3.Used in OLTP application development.
attend data science course in hyderabad that gets you job
real time professional teaches data science in Hyderabad in 3 months

It is suggested that you study to become an expert in one of these languages, say Python, and be aware of others. This is because Python is all set to overtake R as the language of choice for data scientists. So ample opportunities will be on your way if you can master Python.

The objectives & learning outcomes of this training

While the big data analytics field is constantly evolving, you need to have skills across multiple disciplines to be employable. This data science course aims to build your competencies across these data analysis competencies – Basic Math, Statistics, Calculus , Multi-variate , Algebra, Linear and Quadratic models , Integer Programming , PearsonR, MLlib, Lambda Functions or Chi-Square , Tests for Significance and Standard Deviation

Data Scientist (n.): Person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician

A major portion of our curriculum will be on these programming languages and tools – R, Python , Excel , VBA , HTML , SQL, Spark , TensorFlow ,Radiant, Tableau / QlikView , SAS , Data Wrangling , Hadoop. Before joining data science courses, check whether you will be taught these subjects. These tools are needed to ensure a scientific approach to data collection and analysis, while building these critical abilities:-

  • Data Management / Governance
  • Strategic Thinking to solve a problem using data science
  • Hacking skills.
  • Organization (of data, of concepts, of priorities)
  • Data Visualization in Tableau / QlikView
  • Communication(Written & Verbal)
not like Ameerpet institute but much better
not like Ameerpet institute but much better

Another learning objective of this syllabus is to teach you machine learning concepts like Decision Trees, Ordinary, Neural, Vectors, Clustering, Independent Component Analysis. The course also focuses on Natural Language Processing, Amazon Machine Learning, Azure ML, Caffe, H2O, Massive, Spark MLlib, mlPack, Patterns, Shogun, Torch and Tensorflow. Does any Ameerpet institute have such content?

By now, I think you would have got an idea about this educational program – it is more valuable than other ones available in the market.

Does this training offer certification post completion?

No – because it’s useless . Employers would much rather see work you’ve done—than a piece of paper that says you have the ability to do work. In my experience most of these certificates are a complete joke. Building a portfolio showcasing your projects works better . No one hiring for a (good) data scientist job takes these certifications seriously, because they are a poor substitute for examples.

Does this course cover big data?

Yes it does. High level concepts of Hadoop framework are definitely discussed. I understand that not all datasets that you will use in your projects will be small. Few datasets are so large that they cannot be processed by the legacy technologies. You will need the latest big data technologies like PySpark to process them.

portfolio more important than certification for getting jobs
portfolio more important than certification for getting jobs

Hence, it gives you a coding exercise to build a data pipeline(an ideal mix of software frameworks that automate the management, analysis and visualization of data from multiple sources) using Spark.

Data Science job roles that this program helps you to get into

Below are the different data related roles that you may apply – post completing the full course.

Job TitleRole
Data Analystcollects, processes and performs statistical data analysis
Data Architectcreates blueprints for data management systems to integrate, centralize, protect and maintain data sources
Data Engineerdevelops, constructs, tests, and maintains architectures
Statisticiancollects, analyzes and interprets qualitative and quantitative data with statistical theories and methods
Business Analystimproves business process as an intermediary between business and IT
Data and Analytics Managermanages a team of analysts and data scientists

How is this training helpful for novice learners like me?

The main advantage is that you will focus on practical application from day one. We will not spend lot of time in discussing theoretical concepts. Rather we will use that time to do live coding . As a first step, we will discuss the Python language basics. Then we shall focus on the Numpy and Pandas packages. These two packages are very important for newbie learners. We will also focus on specific concepts like Boolean indexing, and processing dataframes in chunks.

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the only data science classes which make you learn

You will then proceed to do data cleaning and data visualization. These topics are mandatory for every aspiring data scientist . Post this, we shall discuss command line scripting and GitHub – a version control system for the code. Then you will learn about Web Scraping and the API’s used to do it. For each of the topic, you will get assignments to work on. Going further, we will discuss statistics concepts and the R language. I think this is the only data science course in Hyderabad that has such in-depth content! Along with these, you will get a strong foundation in these topics – Probability, Calculus, Linear Algebra , Linear Regression, Machine Learning, Deep Learning etc.

Few online resources worth studying

While there is a lot of material in the web, there are only a few resources that are worth your time.
The Open Source Data Science Masters – Free collection of open source materials and resources to learn data science.
Data Science Fundamentals – This program covers data science 101, methodology, hands-on applications, programming in R and open source tools
Learning from Data – This course focuses on machine learning and is delivered as a series of video lectures along with homework assignments and a final exam


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